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Ipamorelin/CJC 1295 1295 side-effects

Today, Ipamorelin is considered the best peptide in the sports industry, which helps your body increase the secretion of somatropin. If you have decided to start taking peptides, you should take into account they can boost the production of hormones such as prolactin and cortisol.

According to numerous studies, it has been confirmed that the peptide, as a stimulator of growth hormone production, does affect this process. It was these observations that gave rise to the development of special food additives that play the role of HGH stimulants (amino acids, choline alfoscerate, pituitary peptides, horse beans, etc.).

It is possible to find evidence that Ipamorelin can not only increase the concentration of somatotropin, but also affect the level of insulin-like growth factor. At the same time, this can occur not only during physical activity, but also at rest. Scientists have also found that Ipamorelin and other synthetic peptides created in the laboratory are identical to natural ones. That is, they have the same effect as those substances that are already in our body, we only stimulate their work.

The side effects of synthetic growth hormone are known to many, but in this case we are talking about peptides, which are not inherently hormones, but only regulators. So, serious side effects that usually occur when taking GH, when injecting peptides should not be. The side effect of taking Ipamorelin may occur more often in cases of exceeding the dosage.

Unlike steroid anabolics, Ipamorelin does not have such side-effects as: estrogenic, which causes boost of female hormones in the body leading to such diceases as gynecomastia; androhenic, which usually is the reason of acne and hair loss occurance, cardiovascular, on the contrary, the Ipamoreline use helps improve cardiovascular health and strenthen your heart and finally it does not have any effect on testosterone which makes Ipamorelin safe for women.

The word peptide itself is translated from Greek as "natural" and the scientists themselves called it so, which means that the harm of such substances still needs to be thoroughly argued. Here, rather, there are more benefits than undesirable effects.

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