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Anti-Aging Treatment in San Jose, CA

Now days anti-aging treatments are in demand all over the globe. Everyone is looking for the means which he/she can use for having a youthful look. The younger look is not obtained by using the products or other cheap means, but one should go for non-invasive anti-aging treatment. We are providing anti-aging treatment services in San Jose, CA and many other cities. All services are being provided by experienced team of physicians. Anti-Aging Treatment have dozens of benefits because of which this is being demanded by everyone to have younger and blissful look.

If one is knowing that the wrinkles and the face lines can be diminished by having anti-aging treatment, so one should avail that chance to look younger.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Treatment

Most prominent benefit of anti-aging treatment is that one could make his/her appearance very blissful. Because if one is having the elegant appearance, it increases one's confidence on him. Having appealing personality is better than having tension about the wrinkles, face lines and double chin. Having Anti-Aging treatment let you to forget about all the tension and make you blissful so that you can try many other new and exciting things in life and do spend your life in full chill.

Secondly, all the anti-aging treatments are non-invasive, which means that one who is going to have treatment don’t have to go for long recoveries. The day they will have the treatment they can go to their work without having any rest. These non-invasive treatments are best for the people having busy schedule. One can continue their normal activities after having anti-aging non-invasive treatments.

Laser Resurfacing Anti-Aging Treatment

This treatment is done by using the laser. The wand-like stick is used as laser which works by peeling off the old skin cells and make one look younger. All new skin cell after the peeling off of old skin cell give a shine to the skin which make one look attractive. As laser resurfacing treatment is done by use of laser so doctor recommend an antibiotic or an anti-viral before having the laser treatment. Laser treatment not only just give a younger look but it also stimulates the collagen in the skin which help one while treatment. The area on which this laser treatment is going on it become smoother, and the appearance is more appealing. This treatment works by diminishing the wrinkles.

Result of Laser Resurfacing Anti-Aging Treatment lasts for about 3-5 years if the procedure is done quite long. The skin needs rest for about 4 weeks before having another laser treatment. Because the nature of laser treatment is very soft one. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.


Laser Resurfacing is of many types and one should go for laser treatments by having a consultation with the doctors. There are ablative, non-ablative and as well fractional laser resurfacing anti-aging treatments.


               The most powerful laser treatment. This removes the epidermis layer and some dermis layer by use of heating water on the skin. It tightens the skin, diminishes the face lines, wrinkles, sun damage and the spots. This Ablative laser treatment shows it result within a week. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.



        This was the most powerful in gold standard in late 2000, this removes all the epidermis and some dermis layer which shows extreme effectiveness. This treatment is not being used now because of its extreme effectiveness. And because its only treat the fair skin tones. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.



             This laser treatment is recommended because of its aggressive resurfacing effects. This treatment is done on variety of skin tones and concerns like wrinkles face lines and color pigmentation. It is highly specific. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.



                        This laser treatment is best for the darker skin tones. Non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments are gentler than the ablative laser treatment. This laser treatment directs its energy to the deeper tissues as compared to the ablative one which directs their energy to the most upper skin layer cells. So, the one who are ok with getting late results under more sessions. Its deal with hypo-pigmentation. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.



                    Fractioned Laser Treatment is the medium option between the ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing treatment. This delivers the heat and light in ratio. The pixeled area is only healed in fractioned laser treatment instead of 100 percent of skin. Its recovery time is bit less because of the small dermal elements in it which let the cells heal faster. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.


Not only laser resurfacing is used for anti-aging treatments but there are also other most famous treatments for treating anti-aging.


Botox is the only drug that is used in anti-aging treatment. The Botox Injections are injected into the skin of patient which works by relaxing the muscles and which make the wrinkles and creases appear much better. While the injections are injected the muscles no further gets contracted due to which the smile line and the skin smoothens and make the appearance of the wrinkles and face lines soft. This makes one look younger. The recovery time after using the Botox injection is very less as compared to the anti-aging cosmetic procedures. Only the professional is allowed to use these Botox injections. Botox Injections are also used to treat dull eye and neck lines. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the treatment. The effects of this treatment last for about longer time. The popularity of this treatment is increasing day by day all around the globe. By using the Botox Injections not only the old wrinkles are treated but also the new wrinkles depth is treated which stops new wrinkles form appearing earlier. Treatment is prescribed for every age group and every gender. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.


Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

Both these techniques are used for anti-aging treatment. The result patient gets from both these techniques are equivalent. The result one gets with microdermabrasion is with no downtime.

In dermabrasion anti-aging treatment, the skin of the patient is cooled and the needled-rollers are rolled on skin for applying ‘sand’. The patient gets results with downtime for about in week. It gives a new skin layer by replacing it with old skin layer. It contours the skin as old skin layer is treated by this. It gives a refreshing looks and smoothens the skin. After one week of treatment the face of patient is red as chemical peel, laser resurfacing and other anti-aging techniques are used in this treatment.

In microdermabrasion anti-aging treatment, the tiny crystals are sprinkled on the skin of the patient to treat the dull lines, wrinkles, acne scars and sun burn spots. There is no bleeding in case of this treatment. Patient gets the results in minimum downtime. These Treatments are being provided in San Jose, CA.

Anti-Aging Treatments are getting very famous day by day in all over the globe. Because everyone in this era wants to look younger and have attractive personality. So, to have an attractive personality one should approach to anti-aging treatments. The non-surgical and non-evasive anti-aging treatments are being preferred by people because it do not involve long recovery process.

These anti-aging treatments are being provided by the experts in the anti-aging clinics of San Jose, CA. All Ablative, Non-Ablative and Fractioned laser Resurfacing Anti-Aging Treatment are being provided by our specified team of doctors in San Jose, CA. And other cities too. To treat our patient is the only moto of ‘Optimal Hormone Therapy’ with professional advices and treatments.

If you are looking for having a younger look or you want to get rid of this anti-aging process you should consult us with all your problems and get free advice and start your treatment by just satisfying yourself with our doctors' advices. So, do contact us for your problems and get advice and get yourself treated.

‘Optimal Hormone Therapy’ is not only providing it services in San Jose, CA. But it is expanding widely in many other cities. Everyone with this thought of being look younger is making the anti-aging treatment very famous over the globe. Without any hesitation do consult our team of doctors to solve your problems with specialized doctor advices.

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