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Benefits of testosterone for women

We usually tend to think that testosterone is the hormone belonging to the male half of the world, but someone can be really surprised finding out that testosterone is not just present in the organism of women in some amounts but that it also crucial for any woman for maintaining of wellness, vitality, strong sex life. It is responsible even for sex drive, orgasm and even fantasies. The other function of testosterone in women is that women need it for their reproductive functions. It stimulates development of follicles and prevents their death which is essential not just for cycles but for ability to have children.

What are the benefits of testosterone for women?

Day by day, taking testosterone therapy is getting more and more popular among women. The reason is that they come to the understanding that visiting a hormonal clinic is the right option if they want to live a healthy life and take care about the future. Doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) understand the danger of critical hormone levels in the body. They know which of them women need and in what quantity. HRT doctors know how to safely and accurately balance hormone levels.

As a result, the following testosterone benefits for women are realistic treatment responses:

Among all the benefits of testosterone for women, weight loss seems to be one of the most attractive. Not only does it help a woman feel better when she is happy with the way she looks, but losing excess fat helps improve a woman's health. Less body weight reduces stress on the joints, reducing pain and stiffness of the body. Her heart works better, and her risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease is reduced.

Attention: Please, note, that we do not recommend self-treatment with any hormones as it may lead to many undesirable side effects such as problems with skin and hair, changes in muscles and bones, disorder of one or several body systems, even it may lead to some serious diseases such as cancer.

If you feel starting hormonal treatment you should visit a hormonal clinic for women to have a health check-up and pass some analyses and only then a high-qualified specialist will prescribe you proper treatment and you will derive from it all the benefits of testosterone for women.

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