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Blood test for HGH

How to take a blood test for HGH?

If you just do a blood test for HGH, then you will waste time, because to identify deviations in the level of Somatropin, you need to stimulate and suppress the release of the hormone with the help of special functional tests.

The child is prescribed tests if he lags behind in physical development or, on the contrary, grows faster than peers.

For adults, the analysis is indicated if:

Stimulation blood test

For 10-12 hours before the test, you need to refrain from any food. On the day of the study, the doctor takes a blood test for HGH, and then introduces an insulin solution or arginine, which stimulates the release of HGH. During the day, the study is repeated to assess the response of the pituitary gland to stimuli.


Before taking samples, consult your doctor. There are a number of drugs that can affect the result of the analysis. Even if you are taking dietary supplements, your doctor should be aware of this. The fact is that dietary supplements can add arginine (an important amino acid for the body) and vitamin PP, which increase the level of Somatotropin.

Suppression blood test

The test is prepared in the same way as in the test for stimulation. But instead of insulin and arginine, the patient simply drinks a glucose solution. If there is an autonomous tumor in your pituitary gland, the level of Somatropin remains high during the day.

In adults without stimulation, the norm of Somatotropin in the blood on an empty stomach is 0-5 ng / ml (nanograms per milliliter), but usually its level does not exceed 2 ng/ml.

How to treat excess and lack of growth hormone?

If the body releases too much somatotropic hormone, doctors usually perform surgery and remove the tumor that caused gigantism or acromegaly. If the suppression test shows that the pituitary gland responds to stimuli, doctors may prescribe medications to normalize the level of HGH in the blood.

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