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Buy the Priapus P-Shot

The Priapus Shot is a Penile Injection for Erectile Dysfunction. Prescription ED Drug Products for Men's Sexual Health and Wellness

Natural anti-impotence hormones are chemically present in the body in the form of testosterone and act on the body's hormone receptors to allow for a healthy sex drive, firm and prolonged erections. Oral tablets, injectable ED therapies, and natural ED solutions have similar effects on the body as do naturally secreted impotence hormones in the form of androgen in the male body. When male sex hormones are low or blood flow is impeded to the sex organs, impotence can result requiring medical intervention.

Getting the P-Shot

Ordering P-Shot and Erectile Medications Online

You can get the P-Shot®, an effective PRP injection procedure for use in treating male sexual dysfunction from a Urologist who specilaizes in P-Shots for men. You can also purchase Caverject, Bimix and Trimix Injections containing Prostaglandin and Vasodilators that may also be used with the Priapus® Shot (P-shot).

Using the Priapus Shot with ED Medications, Testosterone and HCG

P-Shots can be very sucessful when used with HCG, Testosterone and other ED therapies such as Trimix, Bimix and Quadmix ED Medications for treating male sexual impotence.

Treating ED Dysfunction with the P-Shot Injection

The Priapus P-Shot® was created to help improve sexual function in men. In one procedure using 5 shots, the Priapus Injection procedure helps increase vascularization and restore sensitivity to the penis.

Platelet Rich Plasma is used in the Priapus procedure and since the patient's own blood is used, there is little to no chance of rjections. The preparation of the PRP involves a centrifuge device approved by the FDA for isolating PRP from whole blood for autologous use. Since blood is not a drug, it is not governed by the FDA but the devices used to isolate PRP for injection back into the body are regulated by the FDA. Multiple kits have gained FDA approval. Some of the approved kits include Regen, Magellan, TruPRP, Eclipse, Pure Spin, Harvest, & Emcyte.

Erectile Dysfunction is a male sexual health problem requring therapy and/or hormone replacement therapy usually involving Erectile Drug Medications prescribed to patients with impotence problems or Erectile Dysfunction, a impotence insufficiency or underactive sex drive. It is also medically prescribed for patients with premature ejaculation (PE), retroactive ejaculation, weak or soft erections, infertility or an inflammed prostate gland.

Taking Testosterone with the P-Shot

For men with hypogonadism or Low T, Testosterone may be prescribed, and if the cause of ED, may be used with other erection drugs as normal testosterone levels control sex drive and fertility in men. Testosterone is prescribed for a documented case of androgen deficiency, hypogonadism and low levels of the male hormone can cause low libido, muscle loss and bone loss, rapid weight gain, obesity, hot flashes, night sweats, wide mood swings and depression.

How is the P-Shot Administered

The purpose of the Priapus or P-Shot is to improve erectile function much in the same way as vasodilators Trimix and Caverject injections work. The Priapus Injection can also help improve overall vascular function and nerve sensitivity in the penis improving sexual response, performance and increased pleasure.

Who should get the Priapus or P-Shot? Men with erectile dysfunction and symptoms of male impotence including weak erections or inability to maintain an erections should consider getting the P-Shot. Many middle-aged men over the age of 40 experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Over 50% of men having erectile problems fails to seek medical attention or treatment for their condition. If you are a man over the age of 40 with problems maintaining and erection or unable to sustain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse, the P-Shot might be right for you. The Priapus Shot or P-Shot® was created to improve male sexual health and performance.

Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction

There are a number of reasons aging men experience erectile dysfunction. Some may include:

  1. Restricted Blood Flow
  2. Nerve Damage or Penile Insensitivity
  3. Psychological reasons caused by Anxiety
  4. Prescription Drug Medications
  5. Alcohol Intoxication or Drug Use
  6. Testosterone Hormone Deficiency
  7. Hypogonadism or Andropause, the Male Menopause

How the P-shot® Works

When used to treat male impotence, The Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® is used to improve blood flow and nerve sensitivity. As physical erectile function improves, psychological causes of ED can also improve. As penile sensitivity and blood flow improve, performance anxiety tends to diminish as well.

When erectile dysfunction occurs because of narrowing of the blood vessels to the penis, the Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® should be considered. The procedure is safe. It is based on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which has been used for a number of years for injury improvement, hair regrowth, and more.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), has been shown to improve endothelial cell function in laboratory animals. The endothelial cells make up the inner lining of blood vessels supplying blood to the penis. The goal of the Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® is to enable a physician to inject targeted Platelet-Rich Plasma growth factors into key areas around the penis. Reports of patients having received this therapy are very positive.

Using the P-SHOT with Human Growth Hormone

In addition to the Priapus / P Shot’s ability to improve vascular function, it also has been shown to improve nerve function in lab animals. Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP is a procedure that extracts growth factors from your own blood, condenses those growth factors into a high yield growth factor solution, and is re-injected into the targeted area. It is safe and relatively easy to perform by a trained physician. Results are very encouraging.

There is virtually little or no downtime to the Priapus Pshot. The procedure takes only 30 minutes. Typically the procedure is done in a physician’s office. It requires only a Platelet-Rich Plasma harvesting machine and a small needle. Numbing cream is applied to the penis prior to the Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® injections to help avoid any discomfort.

Common chronic conditions like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes can all lead to poor sexual erectile performance. Low testosterone can also be a factor, so it is important to get a comprehensive lab test to ensure levels are within optimal ranges. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can also be performed in conjunction with your Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® at our clinics.

Priapus P-Shot® Research

A new procedure based on leading advances in Platelet-Rich Plasma therapies, can now help men like you improve vascular and nerve function within the blood vessels and surrounding nerve endings areas in your penis. The procedure consists of taking a small amount (approximately 30 to 60 cc) of your own blood, extracting growth factors known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and injecting them locally in the penis.

Research evidence indicates that PRP increases the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), that is secreted by platelets in order to trigger a healing cascade. The latest PRP application of injecting these platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived growth factors into the penis in specific areas related to erection, can lead to an improvement in vessel related erectile dysfunction.

P-Shot® Pricing

Although there is a large amount of evidence on the usefulness of PRP, limited research on humans has been done. Animal studies appear to indicate benefit in nerve and vascular function. Platelet-Rich Plasma is considered safe to inject into the body, since it reintroduces the patients own plasma growth factors which have been extracted and condensed from the patients own blood using a highly sterile process. PRP is not a dangerous. It is a simple procedure when performed by trained physicians and takes only 20-30 minutes. There are no negative side-effects, although some minor local pain may be felt at the time of injection. Usually a numbing cream is applied just before the procedure for patient comfort, and it is not considered any more painful than BOTOX injected in ones forehead.

In recent cases at the Men's Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in the United States, patient results have been very positive.

Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® for Improved Erectile Function

The Priapus Shot - the P-Shot® Platelet-Rich Plasma is an amazing advance in erectile dysfunction treatment. By using the body's own rejuvenating growth factors, condensed and targeted with injections to those areas that can benefit from the growth factors.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP Injections) used for the Priapus Shot - the P-Shot®

At the Men's Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic we use FDA-Approved PRP harvesting devices for all of our P-Shot Platelet-Rich Plasma procedures. The preparation of the PRP for use in the Priapus shot procedure involves a plasma harvesting device approved by the FDA for isolating PRP blood plasma from the whole blood for autologous use. Devices used to isolate PRP for injection back into the human body are regulated by the FDA and a variety of PRP kits have gained FDA approval. Some of the approved kits include Regen, Harvest, Emcyte, Magellan, TruPRP, Eclipse, Pure Spin.

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