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Trimix Injection for ED

The beginning of the 80s of the last century was significant for the world of sexology in that it was during this period that the time of the appearance and greatest distribution of drugs for their injection into the cavernous bodies of the penis falls. This method of administration was called intracavernous, and among the drugs the most popular was Trimix. This drug is a combination of Alprostadil, Papaverine and Phentolamine. Medical studies conducted to study the effectiveness of Trimix prove that this drug, when administered intracavernosal, causes a persistent erection in more than 75% of patients with erectile dysfunction.

Trimix Injections Advantages and Disadvantages

Trimix Injection Use

Due to the parenteral administration, the effect of this drug occurs very quickly - after 2-3 minutes, although it lasts only about 60 minutes, since the solution is quickly excreted by the blood stream.

Trimix dosage is determined by the quantitative content of its components. So, papaverine can be 8-16 mg, phentolamine 0.2-0.4 mg, and alprostadil 10-20 mcg. As a rule, the dose of the drug is selected by the doctor strictly individually. Contrary to popular belief, the drug is not addictive.

As already mentioned, Trimix is introduced into the cavernous body at the same time, most often, a man performs an injection of their own. Pain can be observed in case of violation or insufficient compliance with the technique of administration, since the injection is performed with a special thin needle, which prevents pain.

Trimix Injection Side-Effects

In some cases, when using Trimix, pain, hypersensitivity, redness of the skin or rashes at the site of its administration may be noted. One of the specific Trimix side effects is an excessively long erection, which is called priapism. It can last up to 4 hours and usually causes severe pain. The systemic effects of Trimix are extremely rare in the form of nausea, dry mouth, increased urination and lability of blood pressure.

Trimix Injection Contraindications

In order to avoid side effects, Trimix should not be used if there are contraindications. The latter include anatomical changes in the penis, such as curvature, a tendency to a prolonged erection, age under 18 or over 75 years, as well as the presence of severe concomitant pathology of the heart or liver.

Buy Trimix Injection

You can buy Trimix today only in pharmacies or clinics that are engaged in the manufacture of medicines, since this product does not have a factory production. A prescription is required. Before using Trimix, you should consult a urologist or sexologist to select the dose and master the technique of intracavernous injection.

To learn more about how Trimix can help improve your health and quality of life including the benefits for aging men, fill out the info request form or call Optimal Hormone Therapy at 1-866-397-8880 for a Free ED Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Consultation.

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