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Foods that boost testosterone?

Foods that boost testosterone for men and women

We believe that you have heard about the main sex hormone, especially for men- testosterone. It is produced in women bodies as well, but in smaller amounts- their health mostly depends on a balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This hormone increases the feeling of well-being, helps build muscle mass, increases libido and sexual satisfaction. Testosterone works in conjunction with other hormones to maintain optimal health.

But why is it called the main male hormone?

People call it so, because a high level of male androgen:

If a man has a lack of this hormone, he can see some crucial signs of it, such as:

It’s not the whole list of the testosterone deficiency after-effects, but if you noticed having some of the above listed symptoms you will probably need to change your accustomed food and add testosterone boosting products to your ration.

To see the positive changes in your body we advise you to have the following products in your menu for at least one month.

What products can boost testosterone in men

01. Seafoods

This is a kind of food which is extremely enriched with minerals increasing the level of testosterone in man’s body. It can be explained by the high level of Zinc in their content.

Fat sorts of fish contain polyunsaturated fatty acids - Omega-3 and Omega-6, selenium, A and E vitamins. Your parents for sure gave you fish oil when you were a small child and not everyone liked it. But just 3 grams of fish oil can provide you with an optimal testosterone level for the whole day.

Fish is a great source of protein which man’s body needs to produce sex hormones and spread them in the body.

Also, it will be dishonest to miss such kinds of seafood as oysters, crabs, shrimps, mussels and lobsters. These products are natural aphrodisiacs. It means that they increase spermatozoa and their mobility, enhance sexual desire and attract the opposite sex.

If you eat seafood fried, smoked, dried or salted it’s unlikely to bring you the advantages mentioned above, moreover- you can harm yourself. To keep the benefits of vitamins, minerals and other elements you’d rather bake covered with foil or eat steamed.

To get the desired effect have seafood on your plate at least three times a week.

02. Meat and chicken.

As testosterone is maintained with the help of protein- you should also pay attention to meat and chicken. Protein food normalizes hormones and positively affects your potency.

Choose lean meat, which has no animal fat- it’s harmful for cholesterol level and your vessels. Healthy meat products are:

If you add various spices to any meat dish- you can make this meat aphrodisiac. Don’t forget about cooking rules- no fried meat. Try to have it grilled or baked. If you use oil frying your meat dinner- it will badly affect your male hormones.

03. Eggs.

Eggs are big time worthy adding to this list- it has a special type of good, healthy cholesterol which is sufficient for testosterone production and getting life and what’s more important- sex energy.

04. Beans

You get more zinc from beans as from any other plants. Stewed beans have not less protein than red meat. Beans contain proteins, much good fat and fiber- what combination can be better for your nutrition? Add beans to your menu and have them at least two times a week. If you like- you can eat them everyday, it will bring you just advantages.

05. Dairy products

Nutritionists recommend to include dairy products to boost testosterone level as well. It takes part in maintaining the male hormone in your blood. By the way- one portion of cottage cheese contains more protein and less fat than a portion of chicken or red meat.

Interesting fact- must cheese is considered to be the most effective among other sorts.

06. Avocado.

If avocado has been something unknown for you till now- it’s a high time to get acquainted with it and include it to your diet. It’s a great substitute for fatty acids (Omega-3-6) and vitamin B6 for those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. There are plenty of delicious recipes you may look up on the Internet. The elements contained in avocado aid to boost your energy and libido, make your heart stronger and healthier.

07. Spices

Spices prevent testosterone from turning into female hormones. You can notice, that areas where people consume much spices are remarked to have higher birthrate.

Chili is a crazy spicy product liked by many people all over the world, especially in the countries of South America and Asia. It’s highly recommended to sprinkle your dishes with chili or just to eat at least a small piece of a pepper, if you are a fan of something hot of course.

Other healthy spices are:

Talking about salt- it's worth saying that you should reduce its consumption. Salt decreases the male sex hormone level.

08. Fruit, vegetables and berries

There are elements sufficient for testosterone production. They are vitamins (A, B group anc C) and minerals. The best sources of these elements are fruits, berries and vegetables.

The healthiest of them are: oranges, pineapples, pears, melons, grapes and persimmon. Their qualities usually differ by their colors.

Green (broccoli, celery, cabbage, green grapes):

Orange and red (apricots, pineapple, oranges, lemons, pepper, peaches, pumpkin, carrots, mango etc):

Red (strawberry, pomegranate, tomatoes, cranberry, cherry, raspberry):

Eat them all fresh, because cooking reduces or destroys elements.

9. Seeds and nuts

Nuts are a rich source of vitamins which not just help produce testosterone but keep the whole body in good condition. Nuts contain vegetable protein, similar in composition to animals, but much easier to digest by the body. A handful of this high-calorie product can provide a charge of energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. Natural aphrodisiacs that enhance sexual desire include:

Paying attention to Brazil nuts you will help your body increase spermatozoa and their mobility.

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds will help maintain a normal level of the male sex hormone in the blood. They contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that support the level of "healthy" cholesterol, which has a positive effect on the production of male hormones.

10. Grains

If you have porridges in your daily ration you can avoid potency problems in the future. Grains consumption can help normalize the hormonal balance as well.

Benefits of eating grains:

Do not forget, that the nutrition we talked about above should be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle: physical activities, avoiding harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

We hope you have found our tips useful and handy and they will help you enjoy your life.

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