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Gainswave shockwave treatment for ED

Penile Shockwave Erection Devices are popular because they have a high success rate without taking oral or injectable ED medications. In contrast, Vacuum Erectile Devices don't always afford the firmest or strongest erections in men with severe ED. Oral medication is only effective about 60 to 70% of the time when there is no nerve damage present. Pellet suppositories (MUSE®) are successful in about 50% of the time. Penis injections have a 75% success rate, but they can be painful and it's difficult to determine dosage levels. ED Shockwave Ultrasound Therapy, on the other hand, especially if used in combination with injectable ED medications such as Caverject, TriMix can have a success rate of over 90%.

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile Shockwave UltraSound such as GAINSWave and Powerwave non-invasive solutions. Injections can cause fibrosis or scar tissue build-up which can result in curvature or bending of the penis. Penile implants permanently remove a man’s ability to have a natural erection. Penile Shockwave UltraSound such as GAINSWave and Powerwave, however, circumvents both of these problems. Penile Shockwave UltraSound can be used as a treatment to prevent atrophy (muscle shrinkage) in the penis and to break up plaque blocking blood vessels.

Shockwave Therapy before and after

GAINSWAVE Scientifically Proven Results

There are many clinical studies showing shockwave therapy to be an effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for men living in the USA. Clinically known as GAINSWave™, male patients are reporting great improvements to their sexual health, including:

If you are experiencing the symptoms of ED, have sever ED, PD or want to maintain or improve your sexual performance, contact the Optimal Urology Center to find a local ED Clinic near you.

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