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Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment San Francisco

 Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment

Human Growth Hormone is the most essential hormone in the human body which is produced by the pituitary gland which is pea-sized located near the brain. This is also known as Growth Hormone. It plays vital role in metabolism, body composition, growth and cell repair.

The growth of muscle, exercise performance is also being boosted by Human Growth Hormone. Even if one gets injury growth hormone in the body recovers it quickly. Growth Hormone do help human body in recovering from the injury. The level of growth hormone should be optimal in human body for injury recovery, athletic performance or during weight loss. If the level of Growth Hormone is low, this makes one's quality of life risky. Chances of disease increases if the level of growth hormone is less than the optimal level.

One risk of having low level of Growth Hormone is fat gaining. The low level of growth hormone than optimal level in human body is known as Growth Hormone Deficiency. To treat growth hormone deficiency the team of professional doctors is there in San Fransico, CA. To assist the people living in San Fransico, CA about the growth hormone deficiency and its treatment that are being provided by ‘Optimal Hormone Therapy’ in San Fransico, CA and many other countries.

How is growth hormone deficiency diagnosed?

There are many individuals who are suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency. Growth Hormone Deficiency is diagnosed by many factors. Your personal physician will diagnose whether you are suffering from growth hormone deficiency by considering the symptoms shown up by you. The diagnosing of Growth Hormone Deficiency involves many factors like the doctor will go for personal meeting with the patient who is showing up symptoms. Will examine the patient thoroughly, will discuss the family history, his/her growth rate or will discuss the growth rate of parents when they reach puberty. The doctor will see the sign of growth hormone deficiency in the patient firstly and then go for further procedure. Either it is involving blood test or other some sample testing.

As it is known that the growth hormone level always remains fluctuating in human body. It is different in day time and night time. So, if one only goes with blood sample testing with less than normal level of hormone in body, it will not be enough for diagnosing the growth hormone deficiency in patient.

One of the other ways for diagnosing is the blood test that is basically conducted for measuring the protein that are basically involves in the development of growth hormone in the human body which are more stable than other one for the diagnosing of the growth hormone deficiency. There are two types of proteins e.g., Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGFBP-3).

After going for blood test, the doctor will go for Growth Hormone stimulation test, this test will indicate whether you are suffering from growth hormone deficiency or not.

At the end of arms and legs there are growth plates, these plates fuse when the development is completed in the human body. So, for checking the growth rate of bone level in human, the X-ray will be conducted on the hand, which will give result that if one is suffering from growth hormone deficiency. The results are given on the basis that if the growth of bone is younger than the age, so he/she is suspect of growth hormone deficiency.

On the suspect of having a tumor or any damage in the brain by the doctor, the recommendation will be given for an MRI imaging. So, the detailed look of the patient brain is given after the MRI imaging. And this also shows the growth hormone rate and the level of hormone in adult which have gone through pituitary problems or any brain injury or if the adult needs the brain surgery.

Testing shows that if the adult is having the pituitary problems from the very start of the life or if he gets these problems after having any tumor or brain injury. These are the diagnosing techniques followed by the professional. All these techniques are being followed by our team of doctors at San Fransico, CA. After the diagnosing of growth hormone deficiency, the treatment plan is suggested by the doctors.

Diagnosis of delayed growth

The diagnosis procedure for delayed growth is same as that of the growth hormone deficiency. The doctor will go for some detail history about the patient. Such as, height of other family member, mother’s pregnancy date, the height and weight of the patient and also do gets into the information of the other family member who have been gone through delayed growth.

Some blood tests are being conducted for the diagnosing and some of imaging is also conducted to check the growth rate of the child bone development and the blood test determines if the patient is going through any disease like kidney, stomach or bowel disease.

The doctor can also ask you to stay in the hospital for about a night because as stated the growth hormone level remains fluctuating so the test result can’t be taken in consideration for diagnosing.

Sometime the delayed growth or short-stature is expected to be the part of syndrome the patient has gone through. These involves the Down syndrome or Turner syndrome.

These are some diagnosing techniques used by doctors to diagnose the delayed growth symptoms in the patient. After the diagnosing the treatments are suggested by the doctors to the patient. Same procedure is followed by our doctors at San Fransico, CA.

Treatment for delayed growth

The treatment for delayed growth is recommended by the doctors after seeing the conditions or symptoms shown up by the patients. If the patient is suffering from delayed growth due to having family history or having controversial delay growth the doctor does not suggest them any treatment for treating delayed growth. If any patient is suffering from delayed growth irrespective of these conditions the doctor does suggests some treatments such as

                                                                  If the patient is suffering from growth hormone deficiency the doctor would suggest them to have growth hormone injections which can be given to the patient at home on daily basis once per day. The effectiveness of this treatment will be determined by the doctor, he will suggest the amount of dose on the basis of effectiveness of the treatment. This treatment will continue until the patient starts to grow at normal level.

                                            The doctor prescribes for the thyroid hormone replacement to compensates the inactive thyroid gland of the patient. In this treatment the doctor examines the thyroid hormone level in the human body. Some of the patient have to continue this treatment for about some years and they get healthy after having this treatment but there are some patients those need this treatment for their whole life because they do not recover and the treatment continue.

                                              Despite the fact that kids with TS produce GH normally, their bodies can utilize it all the more adequately when it's regulated through infusions. Around age four to six, your youngster's PCP may prescribe beginning day by day GH infusions to improve their probability of arriving at ordinary grown-up tallness.

 Like the treatment for GH insufficiency, you can generally give the infusions to your youngster at home. In the event that the infusions aren't dealing with your kid's manifestations, the specialist can change the measurement.

There are more conceivable fundamental causes than the ones recorded previously. Contingent upon the reason, there might be other accessible medicines for your youngster's deferred development. For more data, converse with their primary care physician about how you can help your youngster arrive at a typical grown-up tallness.

 All these treatments are being given by the team of professional doctors at the clinic in San Fransico, CA.

Treatment period span for growth hormone deficiency

The treatment time period for treating growth hormone deficiency differ in all patients, because it depends upon the effectiveness of the treatment on the respective patient. In some patient the period span for the treatment is about for some years and but for some patients it may last for whole life.

There are some monitors in growth hormone deficiency treatment which are always being taken into consideration by the doctors.

We provide all Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment and Delay growth Treatments at San Fransico, CA and many other cities. Our physicians/doctors are providing medical assistance either in San Fransico, CA or anywhere else you’d like to go for your healthcare needs. We offer free consultation so that patients can discuss their problems with our experienced practitioners who will help guide them through the process of getting healthy again!

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