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HGH course for men

If you suffer from Human Growth Hormone deficiency, want to improve your physical condition or reduce risk of fractures during physical activity, it is recommended to take HGH in the form of injections. It is necessary to strictly follow all the instructions depending on your case. We will tell you about some of them below, but please take into account that you should pass tests before starting the course to avoid undisirable side-effects.

What is the course of HGH for men?

The duration of the course and the dosage of taking the hormone directly depend on the type of sport and the severity of physical activity. For example, the standard dosage for a track and field athlete is 8 units per day. Such a dosage will not be enough to effectively build muscle mass for a weightlifter.

To achieve maximum effectiveness from taking the drug and achieve the desired results, you should adhere to the compiled course, daily routine and nutrition, as well as regular training. The dosage of the drug depends on the type of sport and the loads that are performed during training.

For jocks and bodybuilders, the minimum dosage should be at least 12 units, and the course itself should be followed for 3 months. They require a high dosage, since the receptors quickly begin to get used to the drug, so you should take small breaks while taking this drug. When the course is completed, it is necessary to take a break, which will be equal to the duration of the course.

Attention: all methods of this hormone and the selection of additional drugs should be carried out under the supervision of professional trainers.

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