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HGH Course for women

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, pharmacological support is commonplace. People who thoroughly and systematically work on improving their "exterior" often take substances that help speed up muscle growth or spur the speed of fat burning. Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, artificial growth hormone has become the most popular anabolic in bodybuilding and fitness. Unlike steroids, this drug does not have a frightening "toxicity", and even more so – in the world, there was a fashion for rejuvenation of the body with the help of injections of growth hormone. It broke out in the United States, where rejuvenation is a kind of cult, and weight loss is a national idea.

How do HGH injections work in the female body?

On the male and female bodies, injections of growth hormone act approximately the same. However, when injecting themselves with somatotropin, women rarely chase muscle hypertrophy. Most often, the goal of therapy in women is to rejuvenate the skin, get rid of excess fat, correct or model the figure. To solve these problems, small doses of the drug and a special order of its administration are required.

In essence, such injections compensate for the age-related decline in the natural production of growth hormone in the body, which begins after 23-25 years. Endocrinologists associate some aspects of the aging of the human body with a natural decrease in the activity of somatotropin synthesis. Compensating injections raise the level of HGH to the indicators characteristic of a young growing organism. And in response, the elasticity of the skin improves, the fat in the problem areas decreases, the hair becomes stronger and more beautiful, and their density increases.

What HGH should women use?

The market is overheated by the demand for growth hormone, so now you can find official and unofficial drugs on sale. There is a real risk of coming across outright fakes or fake drugs. High-quality officially produced somatotropin is expensive, and you need to buy it from a trusted seller who correctly stores and transports such delicate medicines. Offers to buy growth hormone cheap should be avoided since the probability of purchasing a damaged or counterfeit product is 99.9%.

Before starting hormone therapy, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to make sure that there are no contraindications.

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