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HGH dosages for men and women

What are the HGH dosages for men?

Growth hormone is the strongest active agent for stimulating the active growth of muscle mass and reducing the content of fat layers. In order to achieve impressive results from taking HGH, there is a mandatory list of conditions that not all people can adhere to (for example, injections, a strict training schedule and nutrition).

In what dosages should women take HGH?

The dosages of growth hormone in men and women differ. Men have a more dense physique and muscle mass, respectively, and they need a little more dosage.

The course lasts at least four months. Only in this case will there be pronounced results. The optimal dosage of growth hormone for women is 4-5ED/day (2-3ED in the morning and 2-3ED in the evening), which should not be exceeded if there are no very ambitious goals! You can start the course with a dosage of 2ED/day, in two sets (1ED in the morning and 1ED in the evening). If you take less than 2ED/day, it will not cause much effect. Dosages of more than 5ED/day are usually used only for competitive purposes. Nevertheless, everything should be approached individually, as some people need only minimal dosages for the result, and some will have to significantly increase them.

After completing the three-month course, you must take at least the same break. Otherwise, you risk not only "getting used" to this hormone, but also can harm your body. If the hormone enters the body from the outside for a long time, then over time the body will stop producing it independently. And then you will have to artificially "introduce" this hormone into the body all your life, to normalize internal processes.

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