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What better to choose - HGH injections or HGH tablets?

Growth hormone, also known as somatotrop hormone – a new generation of biosynthetic drugs.

To date, somatotropin is a popular drug that is used to stimulate the growth of "dry" muscle mass among professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. The synthetic analog helps quickly and efficiently strengthen the bone system and increase the relief of muscles.

How is HGH produced in a human body?

In our brain we have a gland that is called pituitary gland, it is responsible for the secretion of this hormone in the body. The peak of secretion occurs in adolescence (at the stage of puberty), and after 20 years, our body rapidly reduces the amount of somatropin production  (by 15% every subsequent 10 years). Due to this, there is a clear slowdown in the bone and muscles tissues growth.

How does the HGH drug affect the body?

Growth hormone (Somatropin) is a synthetic protein that is absolutely similar to the human hormone, which contains about 191 organic amino acids. The drug acts on active enzymes in the body that destroy amino acids. It blocks their action and accelerates the processes of synthesis and metabolism. Due to this, the number of muscle and bone tissue cells is rapidly increasing, and the process of their regeneration is noticeably accelerated. This helps the athlete to strengthen the bone system, quickly build up muscles and improve their appearance (elasticity and relief).

Somatropin boosts the concentration of fatty amino acids in the blood as well, which reduces the effect of insulin on glucose transport. Thus, the excess fat layer is burned faster and easier.

How to choose effective HGH stimulants?

In order to choose the right growth hormone stimulator, you need to decide what result you are interested in: burning fat, gaining muscle or strengthening ligaments. Each task is solved by the appropriate level of concentration of the necessary components in the drug.

Now the market is dominated by complex growth hormones containing almost all or most of the active additives that have a positive effect on the pituitary gland of the endocrine gland. Often, somatotropin contains various substances. HGH has 3 main stimulants: arginine, glutamine, and lysine (or ornithine). In addition to the main amino acids, tryptophan and glycine, as well as plant-derived ergot extract and vitamins, such as niacin, affect the level of the hormone.

What is better to choose: HGH injections or tablets?

There is a lot of debate about which form of the drug is better to choose. Many doctors are inclined to tablet, as it is more comfortable and painless. But, the majority of people forget that there is a list of substances that are more effective in the form of injections.

In addition to the obvious advantages, injections have other positive factors: An

To get a more effective result, it is recommended to take somatropin in the form of injections. To prevent lipoatrophy, the injection site should be changed regularly. After taking the course, it is necessary to take a break (not less than the course itself), since long-term administration of injections is contraindicated as a result of the rapid habituation of human receptors. before starting a new course, you should consult your doctor and choose the necessary dosage of the hormone.

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