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HGH therapy results before and after

Clinical studies of many famous international laboratories have concluded that growth hormone rejuvenates the body of the elderly. At the first stage, the experiments were carried out on experimental animals. Two groups of old mice were placed in the same conditions with the only... Difference that one of them received human growth hormone (HGH), and the other did not. The result was stunning. Almost all the mice that were injected with the drug were not just alive, but their vital functions improved. And the second group gradually died of old age.

Let's try to understand why this happens. In young people, the restorative processes in the body prevail, the cells of all organs are constantly regenerating, so a healthy, and most importantly, a young body does not need anabolics. After 40, and more often 50-60 years, the body, due to its physiological capabilities, is not able to recover and gradually collapses. In these cases, HGH Therapy can wake up, and in some cases even revive the work of genes that have not shown signs of life for several years. Even sexual activity returns.

HGH Therapy Results

Growth hormones activate the immune system. Observations have shown that those taking the drug are less likely to suffer from colds, their cholesterol levels are reduced and there are almost no cases when the bones are affected by osteoporosis. Even the aging of the skin slows down, and this is the first bell of age-related changes. Many people have improved the quality of vision. One of the elderly ladies comments on these changes in her body: "After the onset of menopause, blood pressure began to jump, tests showed that the cholesterol content was several times higher than normal, doctors began to scare her with a heart attack or stroke. Yes, I myself felt unwell, a little work at the garden and fatigue knocked me down. I believed in the power of growth hormone when, after taking it during the winter, I myself treated the dacha plot in the spring. I don't get tired, as before, work is a joy to me. And I can see better, now I don't always carry glasses with me. I have a desire to lead an active lifestyle, I want to go somewhere, see the world. I can't believe it myself, just recently it seemed to me that all the good things were in the past.»

All these facts suggest that HGH Therapy may be the same panacea that many scientists have been looking for for centuries? Maybe it is this drug that can make us happy and healthy at the end of our lives.

HGH Therapy Patients Review

Here's what the 65-year-old man said: "I began to feel sexual weakness after 50 years. The impossibility of being a full-fledged man was depressing, and gradually the desire disappeared. I first heard about HGH Therapy when I crossed the 60-year mark. I can't say that after a week of admission I became a different person, but gradually my old energy and desire to act returned to me. Now I am a happy man, my sexual strength has returned, the only thing I regret is that I did not know about this drug before — I threw it out of my life for almost 10 years.»

Taking HGH Therapy we can successfully deal with excessive body mass, so that the active substance turns fat into lean muscle mass. How many young people suffer because of this problem, and for an older person, obesity becomes almost a sentence. This applies to both men and women. One of the HGH Therapy Patients shared her story: "I was never skinny, but after retiring, I began to walk less, work physically, and naturally, I began to grow by leaps and bounds. All things became small, it came to the point that I could not take off and put on my shoes on my own, not to mention that it is disgusting to look in the mirror, seeing a shapeless carcass in front of me. My daughter got information about HGH Therapy and I decided to try it. The year of HGH Therapy gave such a result — instead of 120 kg, I weigh 80. I continue to accept it.»

Experts believe that to rejuvenate the body and prolong life, it is important to take small doses of the drug, since this is not a treatment, but a prevention. Every 10 years, the natural level of hormones decreases by about 15-20%, which means that the use of the supplement restores this imbalance in the body. Rejuvenation helps to improve memory, normalizes full sleep, which is so often complained of by the elderly. "Insomnia has become a punishment for me, I will review all the programs on TV, and only in the morning I can fall asleep for a while. And in the afternoon, all broken, not rested, I began to forget everything — I will come to the kitchen and I do not remember why. I didn't think that growth hormone could help, I didn't even hope. But it's good that I was wrong. Now I take it and normal nights have returned to me. I wake up active and cheerful, even the neighbors are jealous. " This is the information shared by a rather elderly lady — she is 72 years old.

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