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HGH Therapy

Clinical studies of many famous international laboratories have concluded that growth hormone rejuvenates the body of the elderly. At the first stage, the experiments were carried out on experimental animals. Two groups of old mice were placed in the same conditions with the only ... difference that one of them received human growth hormone (HGH), and the other did not. The result was stunning. Almost all the mice that were injected with the drug were not just alive, but their vital functions improved. And the second group gradually died of old age

Let's try to understand why this happens. In young people, the restorative processes in the body prevail, the cells of all organs are constantly regenerating, so a healthy, and most importantly, a young body does not need anabolics. After 40, and more often 50-60 years, the body, due to its physiological capabilities, is not able to recover and gradually collapses. In these cases, HGH Therapy can wake up, and in some cases even revive the work of genes that have not shown signs of life for several years. Even sexual activity returns.

How to get HGH Therapy?

Usually, HGH Therapy is prescribed by an endocrinologist or physician at Hormonal Clinics or HGH Clinics. Before HGH Therapy is prescribed, you have an examination and HGH testing to determine the level of hormones in your blood and receive the proper treatment. 

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