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Hormones testing lab in San Francisco, CA

Hormonal testing lab which tells us about optimal hormone therapy provides us the easiest platform to take brief knowledge about our body hormones. Now you have reached optimal hormonal therapy that describes each and everything. Hormones are messengers in our body to carry information and perform important functions. Having too little or excessiveness of certain hormones can impact on our activity or body. This imbalancement can be recognized by hormone testing labs. In San Francisco CA, Optimal hormone test lab is introduced to evaluate hormone imbalance. Hormones change throughout the day or life. Test based on what's the problem? Confirmed the diagnosis. Lab test carried out by blood sample, urine or by saliva. Sample type depends on what we measured or cured. Mostly hormones tested for estrogen, cortisol, testosterone and thyroid. They are produced by endocrine hormones and circulate in the bloodstream to reach the target point. San Francisco,CA lab explains hormone imbalance occurs when your body produces hormones not properly. This imbalancement indicates the effective results. Usually we define deficiencies in menopause or pregnancy as the result of hormone imbalance but hormones level effect in all age men or women both. Hormonal imbalancement is the result of a low diet and stress condition. When the body needs not be fulfilled by diet, hormonal imbalance takes place.

Hormones testing is an important method to diagnose the problem. In this we properly understand the reason for hormone imbalancement. Because sometimes hormone levels increase or decrease may lead to death. Hormones testing lab in San Francisco,CA has been proved a reliable method.

Hormones imbalance tests reveal about women’s health

As we know that hormones are an integral part of our body so imbalancement in hormones causes many problems. They cause fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss, stiffness in your joint, imbalance in heart rate. Hormones travel in blood so they may cause effect in every cell and system of the body. Sex hormones fluctuation had great effect on both man and women but in womens, menstruation and ovulation greatly effected by hormones. Sometimes this imbalance dua to mood swings, weight gain or loss. Other times this fluctuation dua to diet and medication.

Hormones testing lab in San Francisco,CA established to work on hormone imbalancement testing. Most women’s face the imbalancement dua to emotional stress, continuous depression. These reasons caused menstruation cycle fluctuation and pregnancy defects. Up to one quarter of women had experienced irregular periods. What's the time duration of your periods? If days are going to increase or decrease. Such a frequent question arises by many tests that take place in San Francisco,CA in hormonal imbalancement. Irregularity in periods may dua to abdominal cramping or lack of ovulation. Hormonal testing lab described some terms to explain the exact defect in menstruation. Amenorrhea, in which periods are absent at least 3 months, Menorrhagia describes the excessive menstruation bleeding. In Dysmenorrhea, pain and cramps occur during periods. Such a type of disease is distinguished only by hormonal testing procedure. These terms have an explanatory concept that is given by a number of great physicians of San Francisco,CA. Hormonal testing reveals the womens health condition and describes the effect of hormone level. High levels of androgens indicate polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Womens face infertility with PCOS.  excessive androgens result in the release of extra oil glands which result in the acne and changes the clog pores. Androgens affect the skin cells lining the hair follicle.

Hormones replacement therapy:

What is hormone replacement therapy?Now we can consult a San Francisco,CA testing lab. Basically it is related to relieving the symptoms of menopause. Hormones replace those at lower levels. HRT can help in balancing the estrogen, progesterone level during or near menopause. Menopause hormonal therapy is an alternative name of hormone replacement therapy. Most HRT contain progestin and estrogen.

Benefits of hormonal replacement therapy;

Many people experienced menopause without any treatment. They faced

These symptoms appear after a few years but are unpleasant and only HRT is the one of relief. It reduces the risk of heart failure and mortality among young postmenopause people. Osteoporosis is one of the popular effects after menopause.

How hormonal replacement therapy work:

Working on Hormonal replacement theory which is clearly defined by San Francisco, CA has types through which it provides different combinations of hormones.

Cyclical or sequential HRT

It's beneficial if symptoms appear after menopause. It is recommended for womens who have menopause but still have their periods. There are two types. Monthly HRT for regular periods and 3 month hormonal replacement therapy for irregular periods. After every 3 month.

Continuous combined HRT

Its is recommended for womens who are postmenopausal. According to San Francisco,CA hormonal testing lab, Continuous combined HRT taking estrogen progesterone every day without any break.

Risk of HRT

Every medication had side effects. HRT had side effects on the body including breast cancer, headache, viganal bleeding, abdominal pain. Hormonal testing lab which is present in San Francisco, CA described that the person who has a problem with high blood pressure, Ovarian cancer, Liver disease, and the history of blood clots should avoid hormonal replacement therapy.

Limitation of HRT

According to San Francisco, CA, there are no such limitations on how you can take HRT but GP recommended how long you take it. Most women stop hormonal replacement therapy after menopausal symptoms. Women had a great risk of breast cancer who continued hormonal replacement therapy more than one year as compared to those who stopped. San Francisco, CA lab indicates that this risk is linked to the types of hormonal replacement therapy except viginal estrogen.

You should have to stop dosage of hormonal replacement therapy gradually because it's somehow slow the process of your symptoms to cause disease.

What women should know

We are guardians of our body. Women have to know about body needs and keep in mind the deficiency that is harmful for her health. Menstruation cycle and pregnancy are the periods of hormonal secretion. According to San Francisco, CA physicians, a woman should know every stage, changes that take place in her body, hormonal balance or imbalancement. Because of the secretion of estrogen, progesterone, many defects arise in the body. A healthy body needs all requirements and nutrition. In case of unhealthy conditions, we become serious about it. When a woman has the symptoms that caused the problem of hormonal imbalancement, she suloud consult her physician. According to their body situation,all physicians including San Francisco,CA expertise recommended hormonal tests.

Test for hormonal imbalance;

Types of tests depend on your body condition. Before testing you should clearly describe the signs and symptoms in order to test hormones.

Blood testing is one of the popular methods in the testing lab of San Francisco,CA as well other labs to test hormonal imbalance. Through, we can indicate the thyroid level, estrogen, cortisol and testosterone. Saliva tests also detect the estriodal, progesterone and testosterone levels. Sometimes your doctor recommended ultrasound about the surety of any defect in glands. This might be in case of testing the pituitary glands, uterus, ovary and thyroid. MRI and x-rays described the explanatory image to diagnosis. In this condition, if you visit a doctor in San Francisco,CA testing lab, always recommend complete medication and hormonal tests for your health. Sperm count provides more information in case of man. On the other hand, women need pap smear. Some other abnormalities can be detected by hormonal testing. This optimal hormonal testing described a lot of information incase of imbalancement.

When should you get a hormones blood test;

In San Francisco, CA lab and all other labs blood tests indicate clear information about the body and give in-depth analysis of specific hormones. Blood tests should be taken in the follicular phase (first half of the cycle). At this level, separation between normal and abnormal hormones takes place.

In womens, levels of estrogen described where the women in her menstruation cycle. Estrogen test, progesterone test, follicle stimulated hormones (FSH), testosterones, thyroid hormones describe the information. Blood testing in females helps in indicating hormonal levels that can take part in diagnosing medical conditions. They can evaluate how medication works.

Hormones testing lab in San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, CA optimal hormonal therapy is going to one of the best testing labs that clearly points out your body test includes, blood test, urine test, Saliva test and ultrasound and x-ray medication. It highly recommended testing lab in San Francisco,CA Their physicians had great knowledge about optimal hormonal therapy. When you consult them, they describe each and everything by surety. Your body is one of your first you need to go through their website. They provide you quality feedback, always available and give professional answers to your question about hormonal therapy. I dropped the address of optimal hormonal therapy for your convenience.

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