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Hormones testing lab in San Jose, CA

With the passage of time, our health becomes more sensitive to diet. Hormones become essential to our body. So for betterment, optimal hormone therapy in San Jose, CA introduced an excellent and quick testing lab that tells all information about hormone imbalance. Hormones testing is basically a way to cure any defect in the body in case of physical and emotional distress when you experience any pain, change in body weight, libido and body attitude. Measuring hormones level by many ways but especially taken by blood, urine and saliva. In the blood testing lab of San Jose, CA separated plasma describes complete knowledge about some hormones, generally inactive hormones.

Optimal hormone therapy provides you a platform in San Jose,CA to get complete information about your body hormones and hormones testing. When hormonal levels increase or decrease, it causes a number of problems, including blood pressure fluctuation, menstruation cycle irregularity, and prolonged complication in fertility rate. Your body faced perilous conditions such as death.

How do testosterone and estrogen differ?

Testosterone and estrogen are steroid hormones that are one of the important hormones of our body. Testosterone basically belongs to male that produce testosterone in large amounts but on the other hand females also produce testosterone.

Its production starts significantly from puberty and after 30 years of age. San Jose,CA lab testing indicate that Testosterone is one of the sex derivative and take part in sperm production. It has a great effect on muscles and bone through which male store fat and also has an impact on mood swings. Testosterone in male produced by testicles and adrenal gland whereas ovaries pump small amounts of it to the body. It regulates the development of penis and testis, also triggered increase in facial hair, body hair, development of Adam's apple subsequently sharpens of voice, increase height and muscles, during teenage excessive sebum production takes place. Researchers of San Jose, CA website says that hormones linked to libido and arousal not in male, in women boosts sexual desire. Testosterone plays an important role in bone strength and prevents cardiovascular problems. According to the San Jose,CA testing lab, Men produce approximately 7 to 9 times more testosterone than women. Above all, testosterone had dipped into sexual to mental function. A slight change in testosterone causes cognitive health that affects memory in case of low levels. It results in mood swings, bone strength decrease, low sperm production and sexual dysfunction. In females, it causes polycystic ovarian syndrome, excessive testosterone results in acne, infertility, irregular or absence of menses and low levels weakens the bones. One way is described by the hormone testing lab of San Jose, CA to boost up testosterone level by taking a good diet and testosterone replacement therapy ( TRT).

San Jose, CA described estrogen as one of the female hormones that is important for sexual characteristics with three types estriol, estradiol, estron.

To get more information you can visit San Jose, CA optimal hormone therapy. There is no prominent difference between them except testosterone excessively produced in men and estrogen excessively secreted in women.

Why cortisol testing is important

Now the question arises, what is cortisol? Adrenaline increases heart rate, elevate blood pressure. It's a primary stress hormone. Cortical hormones take part in every activity of each organ. High cortisol levels can change women’s libido and menstruation cycle. Low levels cause a condition known as primary insufficiency or Addison's disease. We can say that it affects all organs. physicians of San Jose,CA described that It is secreted in response to fight or flight and stress conditions. It regulates blood sugar, maintains blood pressure and takes Part in the regulation of metabolism. Adrenal gland that is located on the kidney secretes cortisol. Cortical test is conducted by blood, urine and saliva. What's the impact of  cortisol tests in our life? Cortisol tests clearly describe the disorders of adrenal gland. Adrenal crises become life threatening dua to low blood pressure, severe vomiting, muscle weakness, abdominal pain.  Hormonal testing lab conducted test  in San Jose,CA lab tell that adrenal disorders include cushing's syndrome and addison disease. In a blood test, determine the fluctuation of cortisol level in a day. In case of high levels, recommend saliva or urine tests. Saliva test used to cure cushing syndromes. Cortisol testing also helps in screening of other diseases.

How to test cortical level while doing hormone test?

Corticola which is also a hormone test being conducted by testing blood cells, urine and saliva. These three components tell us the complete details of our health. In blood testing, we examined serum level, cortisol level, tstotreson, estrogen and thyroid level. Cortical level test had another name known as serum cortisol test. However, blood, saliva, urine are used both in cortisol tests and hormone tests. Indeed both terms proceed in the same way. In the hormonal testing lab in San Jose, CA discussed briefly by conducting the test. Physicians describe your body health from every aspect.your cortisol level test affected by stress, pregnancy, infection. Birth control pills and other medications have a great influence on cortisol testing level.

In addition to growth hormones testing, what other laboratory tests might be done?

Our body usually changes quietly, without any notice. As above we discussed hormones are an integral part of our the hormones that control the growth are known as human growth hormones. Health consultants of San Jose,CA testing lab provide comprehensive information about hormones. Growth hormones which are released by the pituitary gland located near the center of your head just below the front of the brain and behind the nose. The second name of the pituitary gland is ‘master gland’. Growth hormones by their name indicate to us the growth rate. If too much or too little growth hormones are produced, its mean pituitary gland works improperly. GH plays an important role in body growth and development. It provides bone growth from birth to puberty. In both children and adults, it regulates body metabolism by producing energy through lipids, proteins, and Aminoacids. Optimal hormone therapy center in San Jose,CA provides you a session to examine body hormones. Any deficiency in growth hormones retards the growth of the body. The symptom of growth deficiency in children includes shortened stature, delayed puberty, and bone development slowly. Sign and symptoms different in adults such as fatigue, exercise tolerance diminished, high cholesterol and bone density decrease. These deficiencies are sometimes congenital but mostly develop after birth. Growth test conducted in San Jose,CA lab to indicate the fluctuation. Hormones release in the blood pulse throughout day and night. It's impossible to conduct tests all at one time. Value becomes high when we take samples during pulse and during a period between pulse its value becomes low. So this procedure is known as growth hormone stimulation and suppression. In San Jose,CA lab some Pediatricians explain the growth factor and their treatment in children. In growth hormone testing, after fasting 10 to 12 hours, a blood sample is drawn from a vein in the arm. For testing in childrens San Jose,CA lab recommended another procedure. Children who face growth deficiency, their tests are conducted by placing IV lines in their arms. After taking blood samples, children took the dosage of medicine to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormones. Similar procedure applied on adult testing. Adults can take medicine in liquid form.

Some other blood tests indicate the fluctuation in pituitary gland function such as prolactin, free T4, TSH, cortisol,LH or testosterone. These tests are taken firstly to make sure that they work normally. Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 are used in order to evaluate Growth hormones production.

How can we approach Hormones testing lab in San Jose, CA

If you are looking for a well reputed consultant, then don't waste your time and check the website, dropped below. Testing labs all over the world are going to the highest rank. The specialist and physician of San Jose,CA established a great network to raise awareness about body condition with a little effort. Specialist, professional physician, skilled staff working for many years. Optimal hormone therapy is a great topic to take advantage of. If you are worried about your health, visit our website and become part of the session by consultants. This testing lab in San Jose,CA gives a chance to examine knowledge about body problems. Working for many years with a lot of client satisfaction. They are available all time to give the answer to your question. 

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