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Where and how to get Sermorelin

Usually, Sermorelin injection is carried out by doctors in specially designated places and compliance with all the rules of cleanliness. However, if you want to get Sermorelin injections at home, you will need to follow the instructions exactly. If the drug contains any particles inside the bottle or is discolored, or the bottle is damaged, do not use it. The optimal Sermorelin dosage is 0.1-0.2 milligrams.

Sermorelin injections are performed daily, from one to three times a day. It is recommended to combine with peptides of the GHRP-6 family, which allows you to achieve the most pronounced action. Peptides, however, can be administered in a single syringe. The best time to take Sermorelin is the same as in the case of growth hormone: before breakfast, before training and before going to bed. 

The duration of the Sermorelin course, as in the case of other peptides, should not exceed 12 weeks, since with prolonged use, only a decrease in the effect and an increase in side effects are observed. It is possible to combine with any anabolic steroids, provided that the values of prolactin are carefully monitored and kept within physiologically acceptable limits.

If you missed a dose of sermorelin acetate, you should immediately inject it. If a long time has passed since the missed dosage, skip the missed injection and return to your normal dosage regimen. You can not use 2 doses at the same time to catch up with a missed shot.

Important safety information of Sermorelin

Laboratory tests. You should visit your doctor regularly to monitor your progress, as well as to check for Sermorelin side-effects.

Sermorelin while pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you are pregnant you must discuss the possibility of applying Sermorelin. It is necessary to understand the advantages of the course and the risks that may arise. It is not completely clear whether sermorelin acetate enters the mother's milk from the body. Before Sermorelin use, it is mandatory to consult with your doctor.

Preparation of Sermorelin solution is carried out as follows:

Thus, we have received a very effective drug, which is characterized by the highest functional level with minimal possibility of Sermorelin side effects. It will definitely meet all your expectations, even if they are too high. Don't hesitate, just try it. Good luck!

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