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Ipamorelin/CJC-1295 benefits

Ipamorelin is a selective agonist of receptors of the secretion of human growth hormone or somatotropin. Today, almost all experts in the field of sports medicine consider Ipamorelin the best and safest peptide used to accelerate the production of growth hormone. An important feature of the substance is an increase in the rate of secretion of somatotropin without simultaneously affecting the concentration of insulin.

The use of synthetic growth hormone causes a drop in insulin, which can lead to various undesirable consequences, for example, the development of diabetes. Ipamorelin is a member of the GHRP group of peptides, it allows you to achieve a stable and long-term increase in the level of this hormone.

Also, the advantages of Ipamorelin include the absence of effects on the concentration of thyroid hormones, prolactin, corticosteroids and gonadotropin hormones.

Ipamorelin effects CJC-1295

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