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Hormone lab testing

We are used to hearing of Testosterone as of the main male hormone, however, it also presents in female bodies, just in way smaller amounts. For both sexes the hormone plays important roles and its deficiency or excess level can affect several body systems and even cause some serious diseases. With age of course, the main problem is a hormone deficiency and to establish which hormone is a problem you need to visit a hormone clinic or anti-aging center to have Testosterone Lab Testing.

How do I prepare for Testosterone Lab Testing?

The level of hormones can be affected by any internal or external factor, so when passing the test for testosterone, it is mandatory to meet the following conditions:

Attention! If a person is on a diet that is sharply different from the classic diet, he is obliged to warn the doctor about it.

How is Testosterone Lab Testing performed?

In men, blood sampling is performed at any time of the month, and in women-only on a certain day after the start of menstruation. It is recommended to do this for 3-7 days, depending on the duration of the cycle.

The rest of the blood collection is similar. It is necessary to approach the laboratory half an hour before the appointed time to calm down and normalize breathing. Blood is taken from a vein and strictly on an empty stomach.

Attention! If you can not come to test your blood in the morning, then the next meal should be 6 hours before the procedure and should not include fatty foods.

Testosterone Lab Testing Results

Attention! Changes in the hormone indicators both in a smaller and in a larger direction from the norm indicate health problems. The normal levels of testosterone in men and women depend on age and gender. In men, they are as follows: up to 12 months — 0-17. 10 nmol/l; 1-6 years— 0-1,51; 6-11 — 0,39–2,01; 11-15 — 0,48–22; 18-60 — 5,76–30; older 60 — 5,41–19,44. In women, the testosterone norms are different: up to 18 years, the maximum indicator is 0.43 nmol/l; at the reproductive age-0.31-3.78; during pregnancy-4 times higher than usual; when using hormonal contraceptives - up to 2.88.

How long does it take to get the results of Testosterone Lab Testing?

The blood test is carried out for 1-2 days, after which the results are reported to the patient.? The level of testosterone in the blood can vary depending on different circumstances: constant nervous tension and stress; improper nutrition with a lot of salty, fried and smoked foods; a small amount of physical activity; bad habits: alcoholism, smoking, drug use; decreased immunity; chronic diseases; taking medications and steroid sports drugs. Attention! Also, the level of the hormone is affected by the time of year. For example, in the fall, it increases. When sampling the analysis, this fact is taken into account.

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