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Low Testosterone signs

Are you familiar with the decline of strength? Have you ever gained fat for no reason that you couldn't get rid of afterwards? What about the loss of muscle tone and lack of training progress? Do you have any problems with an erection? Do you think about your lawn more often than about women's charms?

What do you think about premature aging? Problems with concentration and memory? Depression? Or maybe you have a lack of "healthy aggression" when you do not take the initiative in matters of the heart? 

Maybe you are too irritable, always on edge, and ready to tear off the head of the fat guy in front of you in the queue, who bought the last cinnamon bun?

Any of these conditions can indicate reduced testosterone, including, paradoxically, the last item on the list of unjustified anger. Historically, low testosterone, or hypogonadism, was characteristic of the period of the Middle Ages and subsequent eras. According to a 2006 study, 39% of men over 45 suffered from this problem. According to the results of another survey, 13 million people. men living in the United States had a testosterone deficiency, and only 10 % of them were treated.

The changes are obvious. However, do not forget that these statistics include only those men whose testosterone deficiency was confirmed by a clinical examination, i.e. the results of laboratory tests. Therefore, there are millions of men – mostly young or relatively young- whose tests are within the normal range, but their well-being indicates a clear hormonal imbalance.

Also, young people who do not test their testosterone at all are not taken into account. Millions of such people may also lack this hormone. The reason does not always lie in the aging of the body. This is likely related to the influence of estrogen from the environment, inhibition of the pituitary and testes of chemicals in general, and well-fed, comfortable, modern, surrounded by every comfort a way of life, where bursts of testosterone. 

It is rumored that the testosterone level of the modern average man is about half that of his grandfather at the same age and living conditions.

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