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Neotropin for sale

Neotropin contains highly purified somatotropin, which consists of 191 amino acids. According to the amino acid profile, the drug fully corresponds to somatotropin, which is produced in the human body. In this regard, Neotropin is considered one of the best HGH drugs.

Please note that currently Neotropin is actively forged by unscrupulous manufacturers. In the description of the drug, they use its original name-NEOTROPIN, but on a package you can see a completely different name such as Neotrop etc. This drug is available in liquid form.

Real Neotropin is only available in powder form. Its originality is easy to check. Each Neotropin package has an anti-counterfeit sticker with a protective layer and an individual number. You can use it to check each pack on the manufacturer's website.

Cost of Neotropin is slightly cheaper than Getropin, so a course of 60-90 days will cost about the same amount with a small saving. Difference in cost is due to the fact that the kit contains only a drug with water for injection without tools to perform injections.

Manufacturer: Neo Labs Solutions.

Country: China.

Type: recombinant growth hormone.

Product form: lyophilized powder in ampoules (10 ampoules).

Dosage: 10 units of growth hormone in a bottle.

Total dose: 100 units.

Cost: $120.

Advantages of Neotropin:

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