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Norditropin for sale

Norditropin belongs to the category of pharmacy and registered as a medicine, so it is sold strictly by prescription. Is a cartridge with a volume of 1.5 ml. It is made of glass and capped with a cap with a disc on one side and a piston on the other. Cartridge is sealed in a plastic multi-dose disposable syringe pen. It is intended for use with NovoFine needles, but they are not included in the kit.

Dose of drug is measured by clicks. Syringe pen allows you to perform from 1 to 29 clicks. Dose per each click is determined by the concentration of somatotropin: 5 mg – 0.0667 mg, 10 mg-0.1333 mg, 15 mg-0.2 mg. The remains after the injection should be stored in the refrigerator. Drug remains valid 28 days.

Disadvantage of the drug is the high cost. For 1 mg of somatotropin, there are 3 IU (international units). That is, one syringe can contain 15, 30 or 45 IU. At an average dosage of 5 IU per day, one cartridge will last for 3-9 days, while the course of somatotropin should last at least 60-90 days. It can cost $600-$ 1200.

Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk.

Country: Denmark.

Type: recombinant growth hormone.

Form release: solution for subcutaneous injection in cartridges with a volume of 1.5 ml.

Dosage: 5, 10 and 15 mg per 1.5 ml.

Total dose: of 15 to 45 IU.

Cost: average of $70 (dosage of 10 mg).

Advantages of Norditropin:

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