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Risk of testosterone deviation in women

Testosterone in women (the normal rate of hormone production and presence in the blood indicates a hormonal balance in the body) affects the smooth functioning of all organs. Insufficient or increased testosterone production for a long time is manifested in the form of disorders in the internal organs.

Deviation in the level of testosterone causes difficulties in physical development of a female body, namely in the correct formation of the skeleton and muscle mass. Unbalanced androgen production affects fat deposition, the size and beauty of the breast during its formation and the development of obesity. Also, a reduced amount of the hormone, as well as its significant increase in comparison with the norm, provokes disorders in the menstrual cycle, difficulties with conception up to infertility.

In women, an increased level of testosterone, in contrast to the normal content, causes the appearance of male characteristics. Along with physical manifestations, the character of a woman changes, rudeness and mood swings appear, which negatively affects close people.

But systematic diagnostics, which has become available to everyone, and a variety of treatment methods can bring the hormonal balance back to normal, eliminate all possible manifestations for the physical and psychological health of every woman.

If you notice any signs of deviations you will be recommended to start hormone therapy. Anyway, you will need to visit your endocrinologist for further treatment prescription.

To avoid hormonal disbalance you should keep a healthy lifestyle, follow balanced diet, physical activity or sport should be your habit, also try to avoid stress and do not neglect going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday, of course sleep enough hours.


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