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Sermorelin injections for sale

Where to buy Sermorelin injections

Most HRT patients obtain real injectable Sermorelin GHRH from licensed doctors who prescribe it after a hormone level blood test, physical exam and proper diagnosis of Growth Hormone Deficiency. For Sermorelin HGH therapy to be safe, your treatment program should be carefully monitored by an experienced hormone physician, endocrinologist, urologist or age management doctor. Although Sermorelin HGH is dispensed through Internet pharmacies or anti-aging clinics in Canada or Mexico, it is only legal for US Residents to buy Sermorelin HGH injections from a licensed medical doctor and US pharmacy. Find a local Sermorelin HGH Doctor or Sermorelin Therapy Clinic near you.

How much Sermorelin HGH Injections cost 

Sermorelin HGH Injections Cost. When you start a Sermorelin HGH Treatment Program, you will decide what kind of growth hormone drug medicine you will take. Sermorelin HGH is an injection you will take daily and so the cost of injectable Sermorelin HGH adds up by the end of the month.

Where to Get Sermorelin HGH Online

Somatropin or injectable Human Growth Hormone comes in a variety of doses and methods of administration. The lowest cost method of injections is to buy powdered Sermorelin HGH in a vial (lyophilized) with bacteriostatic water and mix the growth hormone to formulate a reconstituted liquid somatropin solution for injection.

More expensive forms of Sermorelin HGH injection that can come from compounding pharmacies may use an auto-injector device known as an Sermorelin HGH Pen. The most common Sermorelin HGH injections devices from the FDA-Approved Somatropin manufacturers are: Norditropin FlexPro® and Norditropin NordiFlex® Pen, Pfizer Genotropin MiniQuick® Pen, Sandoz Omnitrope Omnitropens® and Eli Lilly Humatrope Humatropens®. 

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