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Side effects of HGH

Human Growth Hormone is widely used among several categories of people. Some of them are sportsmen and want to increase muscle mass and bone strength, but the hormone is considered to be illegal and sportsmen are often judged for using the HGH as doping. Somebody knows about its rejuvenating qualities and ability to reduce the amount of fat deposited. Also, our organisms can just experience HGH deficiency and doctors prescribe such injections to maintain health hormone balance. For example, if children don’t have enough of this hormone, their growth stops, and adults can develop Turner syndrome, muscle weight disease, Prader-Willi syndrome, etc.

Since Growth Hormone is produced naturally in the human body, side effects of Growth Hormone use are rare. Side effects occur mainly in cases where Growth Hormone is used in doses higher than recommended and for a longer time than indicated by specialists. 

In practice, there are the following side effects of Human Growth Hormone (by frequency of occurrence):

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