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Somatotropin therapy

Until about 25 years of age, the human body continues to grow, and a special role is played by somatotropin, under the influence of which the tubular bones of the limbs are lengthened. In men, the growth process sometimes lasts up to 30 years. During this period, there is no need to use SomatotropinTherapy to prolong youth. Creative processes in the body still prevail.

Hormones are needed for age-related changes that begin after 30-40 years. At this time, the destructive processes begin to outweigh the creative ones more and more. The list of so-called hormones of youth includes several substances. They differ i n the effect exerted on a person, but all are united by the ability to rejuvenate the body.

Initially, somatotropin preparations were used for linear growth insufficiency in adolescents. In the future, its positive properties were discovered by those who are engaged in fitness, bodybuilding or powerlifting.

Over time, somatotropin began to be used as a hormone that affects the preservation of youth. Its main function is to slow down age-related changes, which has been proven by research by scientists. In this regard, it began to be used by older people. A number of sources talk about the effect of Somatotropin Therapy rejuvenation for 10-20 years.

Somatotropin Therapy Dosage

Experts often emphasize that for rejuvenation, it is better to take growth hormone in small preventive doses, which will help to raise the level to that of young people. Its use is justified after 30 years. Also, growth hormone is applicable for the elderly up to the age of 85 years.

The average dosage is from 1 to 4 IU (international units). The amount of 2-3 IU is considered optimal for middle-aged and elderly people. The dosage also depends on the weight. The maintenance dose is considered to be 0.05-0.08 mg/kg of body weight per week. For example, with a body weight of 90 kg per week, you will need 13-21 IU, which is just 2-3 IU per day. Women need a dose that is approximately 1.5 times higher to achieve the same effect as men.

Somatotropin Therapy Course

Somatotropin for rejuvenating is usually used in the form of subcutaneous injections. Injections are made in the fat layer on the abdomen. More injections can be intramuscular, which reduces the time of the peak concentration of the hormone in the blood – from 3.5-4 to 2.5 hours.

The daily dosage can be divided into several injections. 

The duration of the Somatotropin Therapy  course and results.

The courses are quite long – 6 months with breaks of 2-3 months.

After the first cycle, you can see the results:

We do not recommend Somatotropin Therapy self-treatment as it may lead to some serious diseases such as  hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, deterioration of the heart, acromegaly and even cancer. 

Please, consult a doctor of Somatotropin Clinic if you want to start the therapy for rejuvenation or any other purposes.  You are not recommended Somatotropin Therapy if you have any of the following contraindications:

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