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Testosterone Cypionate course

There are two different options of using the Testosterone Cypionate depending on the needs- some people use it in combination with other anabolic steroids or peptides, and the other option is a “solo” course of the drug.

The optimal weekly dosage of the drug will be approximately 250-500 mg (maximum 1000 mg). Higher dosages are fraught with the appearance of gross and pronounced side effects, but not an increase in the effect. Therefore, it is impossible to follow the rule "the more, the better".  In this case, as well as with all other kinds of drugs thie principle can be really dangerous for your health and cause disastrous effects.

We also strongly recommend you to use it and have a long course not less than eight weeks. The drug is well combined with nandrolone and trenbolone (in this case, additional intake of cabergoline is required, in order to reduce the high levels of prolactin caused by them), as well as with many oral drugs, such as methandienone, stanazolol, turinabol, etc.

When you combine testosterone with other steroids, we recommend you to use dosages slightly lower than with a solo course. This approach will help to avoid side effects caused by the synergy of two or more drugs. On the course, anastrozole or exemestane must be used without fail, and from the fourth week, the inclusion of chorionic gonadotropin in the amount of 500 IU/Week is required, which in turn allows you to maintain the function of your pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles.

Post testosterone cypionate course therapy 

After completion of the course, post – course therapy with clomiphene, toremifene or, in extreme cases, tamoxifen is prescribed. The dosage and regimen usually depends on the testosterone dosge taken and the duration of the course you had before.

For example, you can consider the option of PCT after a course of testosterone lasting 10 weeks and an average dose of 500 mg/week. In this case, you will need to take 60 mg of clomiphene for 15 days, then the same number of days of 30 mg, and then reduce to 15 mg for the appropriate period.

With particularly long courses and the lack of effectiveness of Post- Course Therapy, therapy with gonadotropin (if it was not used during the course itself), clomid and additional administration of another antiestrogen – nolvadex may be required.  Do not forget that post-course therapy implies not only the return of testosterone to its original values, but also the restoration of the general state of the body.

Therefore, it is a good idea to add vitamins (especially vitamin E and zinc), testosterone boosters (tribulus or D-Aspartic acid) and chondroprotectors (glucosamine and chondroitin). Sometimes peptides or growth hormone may be added (although to a greater extent this is the prerogative of professional athletes who are willing to take serious health risks). 

To improve recovery, it is also recommended to shift the training process from volume to intensity and a small amount of exercise.

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