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Testosterone Deficiency Treatment in San Diego, CA

Testosterone is the basic hormone in human body. This hormone is the most important in men, the level of hormone in men is very high. In women testosterone hormone is also present but this is not more than the level in men. The production of testosterone hormone starts to decrease when men reach to age of 30 or they reach to puberty. The testosterone level starts to decrease because of natural process of aging.

Testosterone is the most vital hormone in both men and women but the most significant role is play for men in the production of sperm and against the sexual activities. In women the testosterone level is low than men but this testosterone hormone is produced in ovaries of the women.

Testosterone help male in the sexual development and fertility. Other health aspects are also being covered by the testosterone hormone. The testosterone level start to decrease when the male move towards the natural aging process or if they are suffering from different physical or emotion imbalances. But the testosterone deficiency treatments are there for treating it with no late. These all the treatments and the management of the testosterone deficiency syndrome is provided by team of professional doctors at ‘Optimal Hormone Therapy’ in San Diego, CA.

Testosterone and Osteoporosis

Testosterone level in human body is associated with many diseases. When the men reach at the age of about 60-70 years the optimal level of testosterone hormone start to decrease because the body slows down the production of testosterone. As it is known that the women suffer from periods and many other rapid hormonal changes but all these situations do not occur in men. If the hormone level starts to decrease in man, it affects their bone density and due to weak bone density, it may lead to osteoporosis.

Testosterone deficiency is basically caused because of following any reason which are given as

                      As one start following the natural aging process and start getting elder the testosterone production gets slow in them and the suffer from testosterone deficiency

                                               Prostate malignancy is touchy to and benefits from testosterone, and treatment regularly incorporates chemical treatment. 

                                          The condition when the testicles gland in men stop producing enough testosterone hormone in the body this condition is known as hypogonadism. Either the men are born with this disorder or they develop this condition because of suffering from any illness or an injury.

                                           This is one of type of steroids that are used for treating some illness like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, but if these steroids are taken for long-term, they may affect the production of testosterone hormone in the body which make one suffer from testosterone hormone deficiency.

There are some types of osteoporosis from which human being suffer and the cause of every type of osteoporosis is different. These types are as follow

Primary Osteoporosis

                                      This type of osteoporosis is because of age factor, which means if one is getting older and is facing natural aging process he suffers from primary osteoporosis. The other cause of primary osteoporosis is an unknown secondary cause (idiopathic osteoporosis).

Secondary Osteoporosis

                                            This type of osteoporosis is because of the low level of testosterone hormone in men’s body. This is osteoporotic bone loss due to one or more secondary causes. Some of the causes of this secondary osteoporosis are as follow

So, it is recommended that the men who are suffering from secondary osteoporosis and other typical risks should consult doctors for the treatment. For the assistance of such men who are suffering from different type of risk and testosterone deficiency team of professional doctors are at their duty24 hours in San Diego, CA.

By consulting the doctors, the men can ensure that either they are suffering from osteoporosis or not and if they are not satisfied with only the consultation can go for different scans and tests for the diagnosing.

Are there side effects of testosterone therapy (TT)?

Testosterone therapy is considered the treatment that is recommended for testosterone deficiency. It is also recommended that the men who are going to take testosterone hormone therapy do go for thorough prostate cancer screening, or go for rectal test or PSA test. As testosterone therapy have many benefits for the one who are suffering from testosterone deficiency, but having benefits there are some risks or side effects associated with testosterone therapy. These risks are as follow

If you are having testosterone therapy, you must go for follow-up appointments with your doctors because this is important for the patient to consult his/her doctor on regular basis.

The change of medicines or the administration of the doses is done by the doctor. Optimal Hormone Therapy is also providing free consultation to the patient in San Diego, CA by the professional doctors. We are always there to answer your questions you have about testosterone therapy or the medications that are required after the therapy.

Vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone

Vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone are interrelated to each other. The testosterone level starts to decrease when one starts approaching to natural aging process and the vitamin D level starts to decrease if one is not taking proper diet or sunshine. The vitamin D starts to decrease in the body when the sunshine starts to decrease.

The Vitamin D is sent throughout the body for different tissues and organ and this is stated that the male reproductive organ is the one of those organs that get Vitamin D for the production of Testosterone Hormone.

Low D seems to rise to low T. In the event that you don't get enough of the daylight nutrient, your testosterone levels could hypothetically drop. You may feel grouchy or at this point don't be in the temperament for sex. These sentiments may go back and forth with the seasons. Your nutrient D levels may plunge as days get more limited and daylight turns out to be scant. Levels will in general top in August and make a plunge March.

 However, here's another explanation you should acknowledge this news, that men who are low in both nutrient D and testosterone are altogether bound to have a cardiovascular-related passing.

Drugs that may cause testosterone deficiency

There are certain drugs that may affects the level of testosterone hormone in men. Not to suffer from testosterone deficiency one should avoid from having an interaction with the drugs that are not good for testosterone level in body. Some of drugs that may cause testosterone deficiency are as follow

Liquor, narcotics and anabolic-androgenic steroids are fit to diminish testosterone creation in male meddling with testicular or potentially hypothalamic-pituitary capacity.

The danger of growing low testosterone was just about multiple times higher for men taking long-acting narcotics than for men taking the short-acting kind.

There are some prescribed medications or drugs that may cause testosterone deficiency these are as follow

                                         The medications used in chemotherapy are included in the list of drugs that may cause testosterone deficiency because due to use of this medicine the direct affect is on the reproductive gland in male which is testicles. This damages the testicles which are basic part for the production of Testosterone hormone in men.

So, to avoid testosterone deficiency one should avoid the interaction with these drugs that causes testosterone deficiency in men.

The team of doctors at San Diego, CA do give knowledge about the usage of which drug is safe and which is not safe.

We provide all testosterone deficiency treatments at San Diego, CA and many other cities. Our physicians/doctors are providing medical assistance either in San Diego, CA or anywhere else you’d like to go for your healthcare needs. We offer free consultation so that patients can discuss their problems with our experienced practitioners who will help guide them through the process of getting healthy again!

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