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Normal testosterone level in women

The rate of testosterone in the blood of women by age depending on the development of the female body, growth and condition, the amount of androgen in the blood changes as different organs and systems are connected to the process. So at a young age, testosterone is produced just by the adrenal glands. After reaching puberty, androgen begins to be synthesized in the ovaries. In pregnant women, testosterone is actively produced by the placenta for normal fetal formation. In older women during menopause, the amount of testosterone in the blood jumps. And then gradually decreases as the reproductive capacity disappears.

Androgen in women (its normal amount is present in the blood since birth) consists of a biologically active fraction (no more than 2 %) and 98% of the hormone itself, bound by individual proteins. The hormone itself is measured in nmol/l, and its amount depends on the female age and health status.

The level of testosterone in a healthy body tends to go down and shows the lower levels of the norm. From 30 to 50 years, the concentration of the sex hormone can vary greatly in values. For example, increase during the onset of ovulation in a woman. Health is worst affected by increased hormonal rates, which can cause various diseases and even cause death. So the hormone rate of 15 nmol/l poses a threat to the lives of older women.

To maintain the normal level of the hormone you should avoid bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol can cause hormonal disorders, eat healthy food especially fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Also to keep the required amount of testosterone in your blood you need to stay active and do exercises everyday. It is not necessary to do sports or go to gym, just exercise, do yoga or any other activity at home.

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