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Testosterone Replacement Therapy In San Francisco, CA

The optimal hormone therapy is a whole network of services in San Francisco that are being offered for men suffering from low testosterone levels taking you back to the time when you were all energetic and full of life. From Testosterone replacement therapy physicians to technicians having years of experience, optimal hormone therapy in San Francisco is a whole team that is productive in every way in providing you with satisfactory consultation in San Francisco, CA leaving no question unanswered, and quality treatment leaving no ailment untreated.

So, no matter if you are running out of energy due to low testosterone levels, wrinkled skin, fatigued muscles, fragile bones, or poor eating and sleeping habits, the optimal hormone therapy has got you right here in San Francisco too!

Now getting recovered from all those circumstances is not a dream anymore, your anxiety can’t take control over you anymore, having low self-esteem wouldn’t be stressful anymore because nothing comes without a solution in this world and no need to depress yourself worrying about all of these circumstances, you have already got a solution in your hands in San Francisco. Yes! Optimal hormone therapy is in San Francisco, CA is all you need to bring your life back on track.

Role of Testosterone:

We all know how crucial the role hormones play in our body and even a minor deviation from the normal release can lead to physical and mental health disasters. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that is responsible for performing various functions in our body and is present in both males and females but the most affected ones are males if a male’s testosterone levels run out of balance, then the whole body suffers.

The functions that testosterone play in our body are:

From all of these functions, we can simply assume how our body would react to low testosterone levels. It can result in:

The story of destruction by low testosterone levels has never been completed, it is always continued and the thing that can bring you back to your fitness days is testosterone replacement therapy, which you can reach out to in San Francisco, CA conveniently.

Now, you must be thinking that is it for real? Is it safe, and how can it assist you in getting your old self back, no worries! You’ll get all of your doubts cleared in this article, just keep going on with it.

What Is Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormones are man-made hormones that work the same as the hormones that are produced by our own bodies. Now when the body is running short of testosterone as it is natural that people start facing hormonal imbalances, their deficiencies with passing age and that is the phenomenon of aging, testosterone replacement therapy will cover it all.

From providing physical fitness to mental well-being, from strengthening muscles to rejuvenated, bright skin, from strong, robust bones to increasing energy levels, testosterone replacement therapy is a major boost. It doesn’t only tend to cure the present ailments, but can also assist in treating pre-existing diseases like diabetes or prolonged, obstinate obesity.

You must be wondering if is it possible to have access to trusted, experienced testosterone therapy experts in San Francisco, CA? Yes! You can have access to one of the best therapists in San Francisco and can have the most productive consultation session that will clear all of your doubts and fears in one take.

Types of Testosterone replacement  therapy:

A number of methodologies are being used in San Francisco,CA to accomplish testosterone replacement therapy as per the age of the patient, their immunity levels, and keeping in mind their convenience and safety. The most used procedures are as follows:

Mouth Patch:

Capsules like methyltestosterone and tablets such as striant are the common ones that doctors prescribed for delayed puberty in males, treatment of breast cancer in females and striant has the potential that it sticks to the gums on the upper side and is engulfed twice a day. While having the ability to act on oral tissues triggers the release of testosterone in the blood to bring vital functions back to normal.


It seems one of the simplest ways to just apply the gel on the skin to enhance testosterone levels in the blood. The two common gels that are the most prescribed are Androgel and Testim that you just have to apply on your skin Natesto is a testosterone gel that you can apply on the nose and they can bring wonders to your well-being as testosterone can easily be absorbed via skin so it won’t bother you to get confused with the potential of oral medications with the ointments.

You can apply them on shoulders, arms, abdomen but is advised by certified doctors that you should apply them on the skin that is covered so that others cant have access to testosterone that can bring medical disorders. If you are gonna apply it on your arms, make sure that you are wearing full sleeves to avoid direct contact with your folks.

Skin patch:

These are some of the finest ways to get low levels of testosterone-treated. Androderm is the skin patches that you can apply to your arms for 24 hours and they regularly need replacement after 24 hours. Try to apply patches on different spots every night and then wait for seven days to re-use that previous spot.


Injections like depo-testosterone are given in the form of injections that directly get absorbed into the bloodstream and address low levels of testosterone.

Injections are preferred more than oral use of testosterone supplements as there are chances that oral supplements may cause damage to the liver, so testosterone supplements other than oral ones are preferably used.

To get the ideal dosage and to learn proper methodologies consulting an expert is a must and in San Francisco, CA optimal hormone therapy center is highly recommended.

How to get testosterone replacement therapy?

There might be a number of testosterone replacement therapy centers in San Francisco, CA but you are not sure where to go first, what to ask, who to consult, if that place is worthy or not! Right? These questions must be storming inside your brain and one wrong decision can bring lifetime impairments. In my recommendation, optimal hormone therapy has one of the most trained, experienced, and qualified staff in San Francisco, CA just as you are looking for. So put your worries aside and get yourself registered for one of the best consultation sessions in San Francisco, CA where you are free to ask whatever you want, once your all doubts are cleared only then you proper tests would be done, your medical history would be examined properly and after having a proper understanding of your well being, you are assigned a treatment.

There can be several side effects that vary from person to person and that’s where consultation becomes a necessity, doctors will make sure that you won’t get any major side effects and if there are any risks you would be informed earlier.

How to manage polycythemia caused by testosterone replacement therapy:

As testosterone replacement therapy tends to increase the number of red blood cells also that slow down aging, rejuvenate skin, make breathing easier by improving oxygen-carrying capacity, and much more, But it is a fact that overuse of anything whatever it is always has negative aftereffects along with it. The same is the case with the overuse of testosterone. By excessive consumption of testosterone, abnormal excessive production of red blood cells starts that leads to the condition known as polycythemia.

In order to treat polycythemia, several drugs are used but they can help in relieving the symptoms, in reducing the number of red blood cells but can’t provide the exact cure for polycythemia as there is no one discovered yet. The research is going on for the cure of polycythemia and hopefully, it will be discovered very soon.

Those drugs that are being used as an alternative to polycythemia cure to lessen down the number of red blood cells are:

The rest of the treatment is dependent on the experts, and optimal hormone therapy is one of the finest therapy centers in San Francisco, CA.

How Males testosterone replacement therapy is important:

Testosterone works as a fuel for men’s bodies to work properly and as men start getting aged, their testosterone levels drop, which results in various incompetencies not only physically but mentally too. Men suffering from low levels of testosterone can get hundreds of benefits from this therapy that can change their whole life and lead them to a better, healthy, and enthusiastic lifestyle that had been lost somehow in fighting with all those ailments that time brought with it.

There might be several side effects that testosterone replacement therapy brings with it, that’s why consulting is important, and for which optimal hormone therapy center has got your back.

I am leaving their website address below for your convenience that you can consider to get further information.

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