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Testosterone therapy

Why Testosterone Therapy? Ageing and middle-age men experience Low Testosterone (T) levels due to bio-logical and endocrine changes in their bodies. Androgen deficiency or Hypogonadism is also called Andropause or Male Menopause and is normally treated by endocrinologists, age-management physicians, urologists, anti-aging doctors and hormone replacement specialists. These HRT professionals use TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy in order to balance and optimize male hormone levels to alleviate symptoms caused by a testosterone deficiency.

Causes of Low T In ageing men, some causes of Low T are similar to ED or erectile dysfunction (impotence) and include the ageing process itself, side effects of medications and supplements, excessive weight or obesity, alcoholism, health problems of the testes or pituitary gland.

Main Symptoms of Low T Levels Low Testosterone levels have direct clinical health consequences for men including loss of sexual drive and desire, poor sexual functioning and performance, rapid increase in body fat and weight, loss of muscle mass and muscle tone, inability to recover from exercise workouts, loss of energy and feeling tired all day, inability to sleep (insomnia), moodiness and irritability, depression reduced bone density (osteoporosis) and increased bad cholesterol levels.

Testosterone Rejuvenation and Male Hormone Restoration

Testosterone Rejuvenation & Restoration Restoring normal testosterone levels with injectable or topical testosterone medications can help boost testosterone levels back up into the normal range. After receiving a proper diagnosis through the use of a Low T blood test or testosterone hormone level lab test, a physical examination and medical assessment, men with low t can get a prescription for testosterone replacement. Your hormone physician will prescribe either testosterone cypionate or enanthate injections, a testosterone gel or cream, hormone pellets, a patch or buccal tablet placed under the gums.

Testosterone Replacement Injections Testosterone injections (cypionate or enanthate) are typically performed by the patient every 1-2 weeks directly into the muscle tissue. Self-administration has become very commonplace as the injection of testosterone drug medication is a simple process.

Testosterone Replacement Gels and Creams Topical Testosterone creams and gels include Androgel®, Testim®, Fortesta®, Axiron®, and Bio-T-Gel®.

Testosterone Pellets, Patches & Buccal Gum Testosterone pellet implants, Testopel® is a long-acting testosterone replacement therapy inserted under the skin and can last 3 to 6 months, Androderm®, Testoderm® transdermal skin patches and Striant® Buccal Gums are also available as testosterone hormone replacement treatment options.

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