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Testosterone therapy results in men

Unfortunately, as we age our bodies stop producing hormones in sufficient amounts, but we need to maintain our activity and of course we all want to prolong our youth. Here, with the hormone deficiency we have two ways to solve the problem.

First one is starting Hormonal Replacement Therapy. It has many benefits we will talk about below.

The second way it is to try coping with the disorder using natural methods such as a special feeding, sports, natural medications. But this way should you choose only with not significant deviations from the norm and if this does not help you will need to get back to the first option.

The before and after results of testosterone replacement therapy have been well documented and can change lives of people who suffer from testosterone deficiency.

As with any therapy or medication, your individual results of testosterone therapy will vary. However, when prescribed for low testosterone and taken as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, most patients achieve remarkable results on testosterone therapy. 

There have been enumerable studies both in the US and abroad that have clinically proven the many positive benefits of testosterone therapy for both men and women.

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men are more pronounced than in women, since this hormone is the main male sex hormone.

Testosterone before the therapy:

Testosterone After the Therapy Results

Testosterone results affect the body in the most remarkable way, but not immediately.

Despite the improvement in well-being, bordering on elation, which appears soon after the start of therapy, many physiological processes are triggered only after some time.

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