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Testosterone functions in woman

Testosterone is mostly known as the main male hormone or androgen, but female bodies produce it as well. In the female organism it is synthesized in ovaries and adrenal glands. Ovaries produce and release androgen into the blood.

Once in the blood, testosterone performs many functions:

Testosterone influences psychological health, helps feel feminine enough. Also it awakens the feeling of being desirable, wanted and fragile.

A high level of androgen in the normal blood boosts a woman's activity, it makes her aggressive and prone to show unhealthy control over situations and people. Decreased amount of the hormone provokes passive behavior, unusual apathy to all things and excessive calmness.

If the male hormone is at a normal rate in a female body it plays a serious role in absorption of a plenty of elements which the organism needs for normal bone formation. The hormone at a normal level makes women attractive for the opposite sex. Androgen helps support the normal function of women genitals. Testosterone affects correct and timely production of a yellow body and eggs.

Having balance in the amount of testosterone your body will help you be healthier and feel better. To help your body produce the hormone at the normal level you should follow a healthy diet with enough protein and vegetables, exercise or do sports, reduce stress, and have a proper sleeping schedule.

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