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What is HGH

Our bodies are created in an amazing way. Each organ and even a cell are interconnected among each other and even a small change can affect all the organism. 

One of the most incredible functions and systems of our body is the endocrine system. It consists of glands and hormones. This system has a regulation function- hormones control everything, and we are going to tell you about one of the most important hormones.

HGH (Somatropin) is known for ages and the HGH treatment becomes more and more popular. About 6,000 of adult Americans suffer from human growth hormone deficiency each year.

Somatotrop hormone plays a crucial role in the human body. Its synthesis occurs in the right lobe of the pituitary gland. The hormone is more active at the age of 18 years, In adults, somatotropin is synthesized 50% less, the growth points are already closed, but at the same time, somatotropin reduces the formation of adipose tissue, when the human body (teenager) is still growing.

The functions performed by the hormone help strengthen the structure of bones, gain muscle mass, it also affects the synthesis of insulin, and has many other positive properties.

Somatotropin is used for hormonal failures against the background of low HGH secretion (dwarfism, underdevelopment of internal organs), bodybuilding (to build muscle mass), in sports (to increase endurance and strength, rapid recovery of damaged tissues).

However, injections of Human Growth Hormone can help improve the density of the bones, build some muscle mass, and reduce the fat that the body has. Also, it is useful when you want to cheat your age and look even twenty years younger, many celebrities actively use it as a serum of youth. 

Anyway, before starting the HGH Therapy for any purpose you need to pass an analysis to check for hormone balance in your body and consult a doctor and take sports consultant advice.

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