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What Sermorelin is

It is no secret that nowadays more and more athletes in the process of gaining muscle mass resort to the use of a wide variety of pharmacological agents. It is known that their use speeds up the mass collection process several times, providing an effective course, and with it an incredibly high-quality mass without containing a large amount of fat. However, the fact of dangerous post-course side effects, which are rich in most pharmacological drugs, is also widely known. It is this problem that has prompted modern medicine to develop a safe pharma for weight gain. Such products are now increasingly gaining popularity among athletes of absolutely all ages and levels of training. One of these supplements is the peptide Sermorelin. You may have heard of Sermorelin therapy before. However, there is still a place to talk in more detail about this drug in this article. If you are ready, then go ahead!

Sermorelin description

Sermorelin refers to peptides that are stimulators of the release of growth hormone. Its half-life is quite small, takes a few minutes, but this is enough to raise the level of growth hormone to maximum levels. Sermorelin is not only a representative of the GHRH group, but also the safest peptide from this entire line. It is almost similar to the natural hormone GRF 1-44.

The main advantage of this product is a high level of security. The harmlessness of this drug can be proved by the fact that in the United States of America it is recommended for children who experience a lack of growth hormone during development, as well as people with significant weight loss. The amino acid series that is included in Sermorelin has 29 amino acids, which also plays an incredibly important role./p>

Consider the principle of action of Sermorelin. So, in simple terms, this peptide during training provides a significant increase in the metabolite MGF-a representative of growth factors of a mechanical nature, as well as an insulin-derived growth factor IGF-1. In addition, Sermorelin has a direct effect on the pituitary gland, which leads to an incredible increase in the production of growth hormone. Further, it is converted to IGF-1, and the increase in this growth factor in the blood and provides acceleration of the growth of new muscle tissues, accelerating the processes of metabolism. And at very high loads, somatomedin (IGF-1) will help to recover better and in a shorter time.

It should be noted that from the use of the drug in question, you can get other positive effects:

As you can see, this peptide is distinguished not only by an incredibly extensive system of powerful effects, but also by its high level of safety. Now we already know that the second aspect today is practically equated with the effects that stimulate the growth of high-quality muscle mass. There is no doubt that Sermorelin can safely boast of both the first and second advantages.

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